Nicole Gorfer,
Head Communications & Public Affairs,
Roche Pharma AG, Germany


“I worked with David Drain on a Europe-wide change project and learned a huge amount from him in terms of the critical and elusive ingredients for a dynamic change environment. He has the ability to not only bring energy and enthusiasm to the process of facilitating and managing change but enables and nurtures an open and engaging culture in teams he works with. I can strongly recommend David to future clients.”


Martin Frick,
CEO oceanmind,
Basel, Switzerland


“David Drain, my business coach, provides me with valuable insights and support in both my own personal development journey as well as in the specific strategic direction and focus of my business. His constructive and challenging style has been a significant factor in my growth as a leader.
David and I recently co-facilitated a team of architects together and here I learned additional elements of the art of facilitation by observing his approach.”


Hagen Sichtling,
General Manager,
PVD-agj, Loerrach, Germany


“David Drain coaches my team and is my leadership coach. His pragmatic style of coaching is highly appreciated by my team and myself. He brings a mix of appreciative support together with a challenging focus. He works closely with the wisdom of the team, bringing out their concerns and corresponding ideas for improving our ways of working.
David channels the energy of the team in these coaching sessions towards defining next steps, goals, responsibilities and clear outcomes.”